What Happened to Bitcoin For Last 24 Hours


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always been unstable, but today's big falling is not unusual for cryptocurrency.

This Tuesday was a special day for digital investors because almost every major currency fell down from 15% to 28%.
The of top 10 currencies had together lost $108 billion in 24 hours on Tuesday.

We can only imagine what does it mean for investors of cryptocurrency and which equivalent it is.

These top of 10 currencies account for the vast majority of the cryptocurrency market’s overall value, however, there are hundreds of smaller and more obscure currencies that are collectively worth tens of billions of dollars.

There is no any problem which could appear to be the only one single explanation for Tuesday’s drop in crypto-currency values. However, some reports of Chinese regulatory action may be as a factor. Maybe it happened after the news in South Korea. The government of Korea is going to take a bill to ban cryptocurrency exchanges.
We can only guess and suppose.

In time while Bitcoin has held numerous crashes in the past time, and always came back in its place, the current situation is quite different.

Maybe it happened because of the flood of other currencies, many of them are with little pedigree or purpose and come into the market. It is also different in that the recent price speculative flurry has attracted a large number of traditional financial firms and ordinary investors, many of whom only learned about digital currencies in recent months.

So, the year of 2018 started very interesting for likers of digital currency. What is going in future, let's see and follow.

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