Was Bitcoin Created By Malevolent


Bitcoin was created by the anonymous user is knows as Satoshi Nakamoto. But, in fact, it has now been spectacularly claimed the digital token was started by malevolent and sentient computers. Can it be really true?

Can it really be that crazy Artificial Intelligence is using supercomputer bitcoin network and cryptocurrency to take over the world?

This is one of the questions raised by the internet users and different meetings and conferences that were held during last week.

It is supposed that bitcoin uses the allure of money to trick people into spreading its network and processing power.

Is it really could be the code have been generated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence? Think about it. Bitcoin just happened.

The exact details of the creation of bitcoin remain a secret, but the token emerged in 2009 as a direct response to Wall Street and the 2008 financial crisis.

Bitcoin was thought by an anonymous person or group of skilled programmers, operating online under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Why not?

It's possible to claim the shadowy bitcoin creator over the years, where are concrete evidence that it was or they were really Satoshi.

But some conspiracists now speak up that they have uncovered the reason why Satoshi never revealed himself – because he does not exist.
So we can say that bitcoin was created by a rogue sentient machine.

As it is known there is, no team has succeeded thus far. But could it be that such an artificial intelligence already exists?

Let's think about it, how else could an AI acquire billions of dollars of real-world purchasing power without stealing? Do you have an answer?

Maybe in nearest future, we will find the answers to this interesting questions.

A big fall down of Bitcoin last week raised a big quantity of new problems.

The solving of these problems may give us much new interesting information.

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