Bitcoin is No More Just Man’s Game

Bitcoin game

The stereotype of the early usage of Bitcoin is one of a techie that came in his mom’s basement mining Bitcoin by the hundreds, and now living the high life level profits. First days, there was little place for women in the burgeoning technology ecosystem.

Although, as the crypto economy has expanded to be worth just under $400 bln doors have been opening up and it’s women who’re stepping into the breach, making successes in a market that has no preconceived gender roles or prejudices.

Four out of 30 of the largest initial coin offerings this year through October had women co-founders, and two among them were the largest.

Taking the market

When the cryptocurrency market expands very quickly and new parts and markets opening up, there is a new job place and it seems that women started to take up these positions.

It’s not only successful ICOs that are headed up by women. Women are key speakers at a lot of conferences and it was said that 46 percent who works this year are women, or indeed, are ethnically diverse.

An inclusive culture

It is a positive and interesting social experiment as this new market was growing in less than seven years and in that time there has been this new influx of talent from a previously marginalized sector of the population.
We can see that other sectors in which women struggle to break into - such as banking and finance, the main rival to сryptocurrencies - may contain institutional prejudice.

The сryptocurrency market is also showing its disruptive nature when it comes to hiring, as this inclusive culture spreads above and beyond gender, racial and cultural differences.

Moving across

There has been evidence of determined women who scrapped their way to the top of ‘old boys’ sectors, jumping ship to lead a new dawn for cryptocurrencies.

There are also a lot of women who have entered the space across development and operations. Both trends have elevated the professionalism.

So, these examples show us that bitcoin is not just a man's game anymore.

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