The New Crypto Exchange Promises Dividends To Investors

Ico Dividends

Earlier in January of this year, the global cryptocurrency market exceeded $ 700 billion, reaching a record high level of assessing the aggregate of cryptocurrencies.

Market capitalization increases the value of the asset by the total volume of this asset in circulation. Spike occurred as a result of an increase in the cost of more than 1400 crypto terms in use.

Given the possibility of growth, traders and investors are beginning to participate more actively in the cryptographic world. Now, more than ever, people are looking at cryptothermins in terms of investment. However, crypto investment is not compared with the choice of shares in electronic commerce, because e-commerce is a third party between the Stock Exchange and the investor. Intermediaries or third parties do not exist when trading on decentralized exchanges.

"Safe haven" against the South Korean prohibition of encryption

The young, CoinSpark-driven business model that targets its investors and traders are seeking to become a new type of decentralized exchange of digital assets. He goes on stage, trying to reward the crypto community in the form of dividends, issued in proportion to all holders of SPARK coins. The goal is to develop a decentralized exchange of digital assets, where customers receive 25 percent of the company's net profit.

Another major advantage of the CoinSpark business model is its physical location. Given that speculation surrounds the fate of crypto-exchangers in South Korea, CoinSpark can become a safe haven for foreign investors. Located in the Cayman Islands, the company is fully licensed and could potentially become a "safe haven" for investors and traders affected by the potential prohibition of using encryption in South Korea.
Partnership with AlphaPoint

To ensure the smooth development of the trading platform, CoinSpark, in partnership with AlphaPoint, Fintech, which turns illiquid assets into liquid assets, allowing its customers to launch products and services, offering other companies and institutions a Blockchain-based solution to launch markets, digitize assets and reduce operational expenses at the enterprise level. With clients on five continents and offices in San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia, AlphaPoint has established itself as a contribution to the development of some of the largest currently used cryptocurrency exchanges.

During the entire ICO, a total of 25 million spark plugs will be available, and coins are estimated at 0.0025 ETH. The offer of the coin begins on Valentine's Day, February 14, and will end on March 14. Because the company believes in providing equal prices to all its users, there will be no pre-sale. Given the heightened interest in crypto conversions, many of today's exchanges cannot maintain speed and often try to cope with customer service and acquisition. After launching in mid-April, CoinSpark is fully prepared to provide first-class customer service around the clock and without a weekend, so that all problems and issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

CoinSpark launches its ICO with 10 key cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Etheririum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Tire, Litekoyn, Iota, Neo, and Iskra.

After the successful completion and evolution of the ICO, the ultimate goal of the company is to provide many other crypt coins on the exchange, as well as interaction with 200+ fiat currencies.

SPARK coins will be distributed immediately during the ICO, and coin users can start то trade them on the CoinSpark exchange in April.

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