Direct Sells of Cryptocurrencies in Liechtenstein

Crypto-boom spreads to the mainland. For the first time, the bank offers direct investments in digital currencies, moreover, it promises to customers the protection from hackers.

Bank Frick gave the opportunity to trade five cryptocurrencies with immediate effect. This bank is based in Liechtenstein.

Professional investors and financial intermediaries can invest in digital currencies Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, air, ripples and Litecoin once a day through the Frick platform. Some of the other banks already offer similar services in Switzerland.

Protection - first of all

For protection from hackers and thieves, the Bank Frick stores cryptocurrencies in so-called purses with cold storage. The Bank promises that they are physically separated from the Internet and cannot be hacked from the outside at all.
Because of its proposal, the institute has the desire to bring crypto banking, at least to the same level of quality as traditional banking.

The global infrastructure for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency continues to grow, as concerns about the new technology become weaker.

With the appearance of surges and the services of exchange with the support of electronic currencies appearing at airports, fiat trading for crypto will be disconnected from the computer.

Soon many other countries can go for the way of Australia with shops that offer cryptocurrency directly with milk, eggs, and other products.

However, the market of cryptocurrencies trade falls and rises the European banks do not afraid to make the brave steps.

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