Investing Strategy in ICO in the Post-Futures Era

Investing Strategy in ICO

There are many different strategies for investing. We just want to tell you about two. Low risk and high risk of investing in ICO.

No one knows how bitcoin futures will affect the base price of BTC / USD in the long term.

According to one theory, large investors will work with short deals on bitcoin futures. If this happens, you can expect a lot of negative headlines from traditional media, in an attempt to reduce the price of BTC.

The next important date to pay attention to is December 18 (launching Bitcoin futures for CME). Nasdaq has not yet confirmed the date when it is launching Bitcoin futures.

Altcoins are traditionally tied to bitcoin. Although this is usually expressed as an inverse relationship, altcoins have recently moved in the same direction as bitcoin.

New investors are working to support bitcoin in the long term, which allows experienced crypto-currency investors to use the profits for diversification.

In the long term, we propose the following strategy of investing in ICO:

  • 60% in bitcoin (BTC)
  • 20% in top ten Altcoins with significant capitalization, for example, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), NEO (NEO) and EOS (EOS)
  • 20% in the ICO and more speculative altcoins

High-Risk Strategy:

A successful strategy, used by various traders, involves the use of bitcoin (BTC) as the main cryptocurrency in the trading of altcoins. Ethereum has less volume, which often makes it less profitable to work with altcoins.

ICO is launched on a daily basis, and there are many opportunities for trading.

According to this risky strategy, 100% is invested in ICOs and speculative altcoins. This strategy involves the purchase CO tokens and altcoins, with the goal of increasing positions in bitcoin.

When the altcoins begin to fall, the money is transferred back to the BTC.

Investing in ICO is a separate topic in itself. The best investment strategy in ICO is to buy during the pre-sale. Many successful ICOs allow investors to come out with a profit 2-3 times more than the size of investments. You can also withdraw your initial investment from the ICO, and leave the remainder in the tokens for a long-term perspective.

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