How To Raise Money By Initial Coin Offering

Raising money

The digital currency ecosystem has had a crazy period during last year. The Bitcoin market capitalization has grown from $11 billion on June 5, 2016, to almost $47 billion USD on June 5, 2017.

During that time negative news included a 120,000 BTC heist from Bitfinex, worth $65m then and $350m now. Positive tendencies were much larger, including Japan accepting the coin as a legal payment method, Russia reversing their prior stand against Bitcoin, and Australia corrected its policies to delete a double taxation problem for those who accept digital currencies.

Initial Coin Offering is a new phenomenon now is sweeping the market.

For May of this year, over $380M has been invested into ICOs. A lot of these companies are raising millions of dollars with not only help of a white paper and a crypto coin depended on a small network of nodes switching on their blockchain. Last year Bitcoin was 80% of the all market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, and now it's less than 50%, however, its price started to rise swiftly.

Firstly what is an Initial Coin Offering?

This term, is like cloud and blockchain before it, is becoming overloaded as the market tries to explain new concepts.

The idea of an ICO is that you create a digital coin or token you offer this coin or token for sale in an initial offering. An ICO is in some ways similar to an initial public offering.

These both are done for raising funds, but, instead, your ICO purchase gets you a new type of coin or token, activities rather than a security.

The token can represent a little part of value or be of value itself. An ICO might involve close connection to a token so that ownership gives you voting privileges and access to dividends, which is what the now infamous fundraising effort of The DAO did. The example for a token is the most similar to that of an IPO, despite, the majority of examples of something another. The typical example of using a token is issued in an ICO is the creation of an asset that gives you access to the features of a particular project. If you have cash or Bitcoin as the way to pay for products and services from the ICO offerer, you use their token.

There is an idea of these tokens as being similar to a store-specific loyalty point, something you buy with a general purpose digital currency and use at a specific location.

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