SophiaTX postpone the launch of the ICO due to overloading Ethereum by CryptoKitties


The SophiaTX team, which is developing a platform for the B2B sector, said it is moving its ICO on Thursday, December 7th.

The load on the Ethereum network due to the growing popularity of the game CryptoKitties, which uses smart contract technology and is based on Ethereum, is so high that it forced at least one ICO project to postpone the launch. The SophiaTX project token sales, originally scheduled for December 5, were postponed to make the good launch of the ICO.

The problem, according to the team, is that the activity around CryptoKitties - an application based on Ethereum, where buying, selling and breeding virtual cats takes a significant share of the Ethereum network resources.

As a result, users, including those who are trying to buy tokens via the ethereum network, are forced to wait long before the transaction is confirmed, due to the multitude of transactions associated with the CryptoKitties application.

It is unclear how the load generated by CryptoKitties will affect future ICOs. According to data from, the network congestion has slightly decreased compared to yesterday.

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